Welcome to the Soul Evolution Challenge!

Uncover the Secrets of Your Soul & Start Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

Welcome to the Soul Evolution Challenge!

Uncover the Secrets of Your Soul & Start Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

During the 4 VIDEO SERIES Soul Evolution Challenge, you’ll:

✨ Experience soul level self-discovery so you can manifest your desires with ease and grace

✨ Understand how your choices have the power to shift your reality so you can quickly and easily make decisions that will bring you joy, success and abundance.

✨ Uncover and heal unconscious past life beliefs and ancestral patterns that are holding you back so you can quickly move toward your goals and dreams.

✨ Gain access to my top, self-discovery and manifestation tools and tips (I’ve never shared some of these before!)

✨ Unearth gifts, skills, strengths that you never even knew you had.


 ✨ Transform your inner world – your thoughts, mindset, beliefs – so you can uplevel your outer world in all areas of your life and business.  

✨ Discover how to befriend your Ego Self so you can work with her to reach greater self-awareness and take real world action to move toward your desires

✨Discover how the Akashic Records can make manifesting and creating easy

Meet your challenge guide:

Hi! I’m Amy and I’m a Spiritual Business Coach and Master Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher. I’ve been manifesting my heart’s desires in life and business for years now and I took my business from zero to my first $75,000 month in under one year. My unique and incredibly powerful manifestation methods include tapping into the unconditional love and limitless wisdom of The Akashic Records, journeying into myself, and unearthing my inner magic. I’m now ready to show you how to work with some of these powerfully effective tools and techniques in the Soul Evolution Challenge…I can’t wait!
Amy Robeson

Praise & Love for Amy

“Amy goes beyond my expectations. Everything I learn from her adds so much and opens so many new ways of doing my work!” Elysia Hartzell
“After working with Amy, I feel more supported and more connected than ever. It has been an immense and life-changing experience! Thanks, Amy!” Leila Hardy
“Amy’s knowledge, teaching style, and unique way are second to none. The support received is beyond what you’d expect.” Becky LeBrun

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