Your spiritual biz pocket guide that’ll launch you to stardom without making you feel dizzy

Because the only thing that should make you feel dizzy is watching your profits increase!

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This checklist will help you to:

1. Understand the necessary elements to create a soul-centred business so that you can take simple, yet focused steps to creating your biz foundation.

2. Feel inspired to envision, plan and create. And of course, what would your spiritual biz be without a little fire?!

3. Connect you with your innate curiosity, authenticity and even like-minded spiritual biz owners so that you can find balance between your inner and outer growth.

12 steps. 2 pages. One simple approach through soul.

Click here to download your FREE checklist now!

Meet the Coach:

Amy is a healer and a business strategist helping entrepreneurs come out of their spiritual closets using a simple and holistic approach so that they can grow their online business with soul. She believes in empowering women and the importance of the big picture vision. She’s been called a walking spiritual biz library by clients.

Meet the Clients:

“Amy has opened my eyes to what’s possible.” Leila Hardy

“Amy has been the catalyst for me stepping into really owning my spiritual side!” Autumn Clifford

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