Free Masterclass

Discover the secret keys to amplify your manifesting powers with the Akashic Records!

Free Masterclass

Discover the secret keys to amplify your manifesting powers with the Akashic Records!

Become a successful manifestor with The Akashic Records and bring your desires to life with integrity and grace.

Masterclass Details:

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When you attend this free Masterclass you’ll:

?Understand the crucial truths you must know to get the most out of working with The Akashic Records 
?Gain a deep understanding and appreciation of the magic and power of The Akashic Records  
? Discover how The Records can help you answer complex questions about your life and business (such as how to attract your soul clients, how to promote your program, how to connect with your Soul Purpose…)
? Find out how to magnify your manifestation powers so you can bring your deepest desires from the realm of dreams to the realm of reality
?Learn the “secret sauce” you can use to start manifesting magic with The Records and SO much more!

Free Live Masterclass to amplify your manifesting powers through the akashic records

Meet the Coach:

Amy is a healer and a business strategist helping entrepreneurs come out of their spiritual closets using a simple and holistic approach so that they can grow their online business with soul. She believes in empowering women and the importance of the big picture vision. She’s been called a walking spiritual biz library by clients.

Praise & Love for Amy

Amy’s Akashic Records class was beyond my expectations. I have worked in the records before, but everything I learned in this class added so much and opened so many new ways of doing this work! I would highly recommend taking this class even if you have taken other Akashic Records classes in the past!

Elysia Hartzell

Amy’s knowledge, teaching style, and unique way of accessing the records is second to none. The support received is beyond what you’d expect. The course was beautiful, powerful, uplifting, and like a true sisterhood. If you want to learn to access the Akashic records, you must contact Amy!”

Becky LeBrun

The Sacred Awakening experience has been out of this world. I have gone from only dabbling in my intuitive gifts to fully stepping into them and sharing them with the world and the Akashic records have shown me a powerful way to do that. Since doing the course, I have felt more supported and more connected than ever, but I have also experienced great healing, huge creativity for my business and huge insights into myself and others. It has been an immense and life-changing experience! Thanks, Amy!

Leila Hardy

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