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 The special energy running through each crystal for specific intuition amplifiers that will assist you in developing your clairaudience (psychic hearing) and clairvoyant (visionary) abilities and connect with the angelic realm.

Meet Crystal Queen, Amy Robeson

My love affair with crystals began when I was a little girl. My mother and grandmother collected these gorgeous elemental stones and it was only natural for me to do the same.

My first crystal was a beautiful rose quartz and it wasn’t long before I discovered that I could communicate with these magical, sacred stones on a deep, and profound level. They “speak” to me and I can easily understand their language and messages, and connect with them for guidance and timeless wisdom.

Over the years, my innate gifts and abilities with crystals continued to grow in strength and depth (I’m known in some circles as the Crystal Queen!)

I’ve tapped into their powerful energy to call in and manifest just about all of the beauty, joy, love, freedom and abundance I now enjoy in my life.

I had so much success with crystal work that people began to approach me to help them manifest their desires and that’s how it all began!

I now share my gifts with a community of entrepreneurs from around the world who are drawing in a beautiful, expansive flow of money into their businesses while creating incredible manifestations in their lives and businesses.

Now it’s your turn!

Tap into your psychic gifts with the Magical Power of Crystals

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